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The Colour Museum

“… as if by magic, colour can create the illusion of a whole new world or evoke some of our most vivid memories!”

Colour Vision

Colours came into being the moment light was created and reflected from volumes in space. Ever since, it has amazed and dazzled all that has ever laid eyes on it!

Throughout history, colour has played a vital role in everything we perceive the world to be. Colour has a physical effect on the human body & although the sensation of colour depends on the personal interpretation of each observer, it stimulates either positive or negative feelings by association, depending on the physiology and psychology of the individual.

Colour has a permanent influence on our mind, body and soul, as perceived by the most technologically advanced instruments on planet earth.. the eyes.

What is your favourite Colour?

To see, or not to see...


What Is Color?

Light dispersion conceptual waves

Learn more about how and why we see color, how color relates to light, what the real primary colors are; how biology, language, and culture affect the colors we see and explore the fascinating Science of Colour across the different fields of physics, chemistry, biology, technology, and psychology.


Find out more about different types of colour vision deficiencies and take a Colour Blind Test to learn more about your own Colour Vision.

Colour Blind Glasses
#1 Patended Lens Technology for Colour Blindness