Delicate, Beautiful and Mysterious as a Butterfly may be, it has captured the imaginations of many, inspired scientific theories about the impact of small events in the larger scope of life… and most of all, has taught humankind some of its most valuable lessons, just by its true nature. It is this quality of the Butterfly that provides it with its endless source of splendour that fascinates all.

Although the Butterfly is not known for its long life-span, it is rather its transformation abilities and aesthetic value that symbolizes rebirth, new beginnings, love and good luck in the visual and literary arts. Colour is the most fascinating feature of the Butterfly and is the true source of inspiration for any setting.

The Cycle of the Soul is often associated with the metamorphasis of the Butterfly, its ‘birth’ and most important, its effect and purpose on the Earth.

Butterflies are important to nature and very useful to man as it is one of the major agents of pollination for many plants. This connotation combined with flattering wings and thoughts about beautiful possibilities ultimately defines the unique characteristics of the Butterfly.

Some species of Butterflies display very ellaborate courtship flights. Together with the tickling feeling of flattering wings and nervousness or excitement, it is popularly referred to as having ‘Butterflies in the stomach’. Best advice…
‘If you have Butterflies, make them fly in formation!.’

In Japanese superstition, if a Butterfly enters your guestroom, the person whom you love the most is coming to see you!

The extraordinary relationship between the Butterfly and the Sun…
Butterflies depend on the heat of the sun to spread their wings for the very first time and usually orient themselves toward the sun when basking among flowers in the early morning. 

Butterflies migrate during the day and use the sun to orient themselves. When the sun is hidden, the Butterfly is able to perceive polarized light as guidance. Some Butterflies are known to migrate over very large distances.

There are between 15 000 & 20 000 species of Butterflies that can be found anywhere in the world at any particular time!

In Burking Faso where Butterflies appear just before a rainfall, Butterfly Masks are central to rituals celebrating the beginning of the farming season.

The Adult Stage of the Butterfly is called the Imago.

Artistic depictions of butterflies have been found in Egyptian hieroglyphics from 3500 years ago and has been a popular motif in the visual and literary arts in many cultures through the ages. Butterflies are symbolic of new beginnings, associated with Love in Chinese Culture and represents the Soul in Greek and Egyptian History

Remember when placing Butterflies on decorative flowers to direct their wings toward the source of Light.

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