Colour in Creation

A Sensational Journey

In this blog post, we embark on a sensational journey through the world of color, exploring the multifaceted role of color in creation, from its profound impact on our senses to its therapeutic properties, its interplay with light, and its crucial role in design and creativity.

Throughout history, colour has played a vital role in everything we perceive the world to be. Nearly every colour, at one time or in one culture or another has had spiritual connotations and found its meanings in rich symbolism among different groups of people.

Sensational Colour
Our senses are the most primitive source of communication between ourselves and the world around us. A hand full of interconnected senses are ultimately the unique, universal and unifying factors of all experiences between human beings. The brain creates memories by capturing the various stimulations of all our senses through colour, texture, sounds, fragrance and taste. It is the accurate combination of these stimuli in an event-environment that creates an overwhelming effect for each individual guest and guarantees an unforgettable event.

Colour, in any event, is the most important feature of any creation. It has a spatial effect, mainly because it is seen in the space between an object and the human eye. It is in these spaces that one can use colour, light and reflection to enhance an atmosphere or to create extraordinary effects. Although colour does not reside in an object, it is a defining quality. Everything seen by the physical eye has a sensation of some colour associated with it. When light strikes an object, the object absorbs all the wavelengths of light except what we see reflected back at us, perceived by the eye as a sensation.

Colour has a physical effect on the human body and has been used for healing purposes since the colour halls of the Ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Indians. The sensation of colour depends on the personal interpretation of each observer and can stimulate either positive or negative feelings by association, depending on the physiology and psychology of the individual. It has a permanent influence on our mind, body and soul, as perceived by the most technologically advanced instruments on planet earth.. the eyes.

The most important feature of any colour, is the light that presents it. Candlelight transforms any colour to its softer tones and becomes warm and cosy, whereas bright fluorescent and UV lights creates more contrast and sharp reflections between objects and their colours. Light has an effect on colour and becomes the energy that you add to it. It is then not so much what we see, but how we are invited to look at it.

Your Guide to Successful Colour Matches

Successful colour combinations depends on getting the right proportions of different colours together in one space to effectively create a theme or to enhance an atmosphere, in relevant relation to other features, with the objective of the event in mind.

Natural Inspiration

Nature is the source of all true colour, so it is natural to look to that which is untouched by man for inspiration, ideas and the original range of colours associated with a particular element. The colours of the Earth, (blue, brown and green) is found in everything and can fill the spaces in between with the natural elements surrounding a theme. The colours in natural foods (fruit, vegetables etc) also contains endless successful and exotic colour combinations to draw inspiration from.

Add definition to the main colour by using different shades and textures in one colour to create gorgeous and evocative harmonies and to create a fuller overall effect. Mixed colours with one colour in common (eg. blue, green and purple) invites harmony and represent elements in Nature such as the Ocean and carries the symbolic associations of both the element and its colours.

Food for the Imagination

If they taste good together, chances are they will look just as good! Getting the proportions and shades right in a combination can be tricky. Which kind of red will go with beige and what can be added as a accessory colour for Valentines Day? Match colours according to food tastes. Imagine strawberries and cream with rich chocolate. Too much chocolate or too little cream will bounce the balance out. Create a pavlova palette of colours with the accurate proportions of each element and its colour.

Seasonal Influences

The four Seasons provides natural colour combinations which can be used to create unique palettes. Certain colours or even shades of a specific colour works better naturally with light at different times of the year. Use colour shades according to the time of day when the light will bring out its brilliance and be aware to balance warm and cold colours to prevent guest from feeling claustrophobic or freezing on the inside!

You can view a unique sunset with its blissfull array of colours and find the most exotic combinations at different times of the year, any place in the world. Colour Inspiration can be found everywhere!

Theme Colours

Colours are used together for different themes as they are found and presented at different times in History. In many cases, colour has symbolic meaning within certain themes. Colour compliments a theme and can be drawn from elements in its authentic setting. Create a colour palette around the main focus of your theme and use decorations and accessories to focus on certain features. Themes are enhanced at certain times of the year when climate and natural light enhance colours and in most cases, their deeper meanings.

Colour is used to either create balance and harmony or unbalance and discord. Vibrant colours and clashing patterns are popularly used for carnivals and festive celebrations because they stimulate the eye excessively, excites the viewer and provokes action.

Times of celebration offer a sense of belonging for social, religious, corporate and family groups. The objective of any event is to leave your guests with exquisite memories by tantalizing as many senses as possible, both physical and by association. Use Colour as a sensation to create features that invite good and positive feelings. Colour, and the world will be amazed!

“The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."

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