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Explore the Wonderful World of Colours and learn more about the theory, science, physics, physiology & psychology of different Colours!

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The Event

After all the logistics of choosing a time and a date, a venue and a menu, the guest list and the cameras, you start creating The Event.

Our senses are the most primitive source of communication between ourselves and the world around us. The brain creates memories by capturing the various stimulations of all our senses, through colour, texture, sounds, fragrance & taste. It is the combination of these stimuli that makes an event unforgettable!


Colours came into being the moment light
was created and reflected from volumes in space. Ever since, it has amazed and dazzled all that has ever laid eyes on it!

Colour, in any event, is the most important feature of any creation. Although it does not reside in an object, it is a defining quality. Using such qualities, to enhance an atmosphere or create a theme, in relevant relation to other features, is the key to successful Event Planning.

Learn more about the history of colour, colour symbolism, effective colour-mixing, the influence of light on colour and how such features can be used together to enhance your event environment.

Useful & Inspirational Words

Wise words have inspired and motivated people since language developed and for as long as it is explored by humans. Life is filled with lessons, discoveries, journeys and beautiful things that we try and capture in words as to not ever lose the memory of such significant moments in our lives!


Butterfly Inspirations

“The Butterfly counts not the months, but Moments.. and still has time enough!”


Flower Arts & Crafts

“If we could see the Miracle of a single Flower clearly, our whole Life would Change!”


Creative Paper Crafts

“The town was Paper, but the memories were not!”

vivashe masks

VivaShe Party Masks

“Behind every Mask there is a Face, and behind every face, there is a Story!”


Hats & Headpieces

“How a Hat makes you feel is what a Hat is all about!”

Fabulous Feathers

Hope is the Feather that reminds us we have Wings!”

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