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Vivashe started out as an innovative Event Decor Company, specializing in the design and manufacturing of unique Theme Decor, Party Accessories, Stationary and special Gift Boxes for Birthdays, Corporate Year End Functions and Weddings.

We expanded our vision to create a range of exceptional handcrafted venetian & carnival Masquerade Masks in exquisite colours, styles and themes for Retail Shops, Large Corporate Events & Private Parties, Promotional Photoshoots & Music Videos.

The focus changed as VivaShe found its place in the market creating personalized exclusive Costume Accessories for unique authentic Themes and extravagant bespoke handcrafted Wearable Art for special Occasions, Stage Productions, Drama Competitions & Individual Performers.

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The VivaShe Boutique Workshop

In the Beginning

Inspired by a previous trip to Disney World, and motivated by a need for creative fulfillment, I finally embarked on a Creative Journey in 2005. “VivaShe” originated with special gift boxes for Mothersday which I sold at a promotional table in a Shopping Mall, followed by a few special requests for Weddings. Creating Special Gift Boxes for Weddings invited the idea of creating all kinds of unique and extraordinary Event Stationary and decorative Table Jewelry. In the first three years I created hundreds & hundreds of handcrafted Invitations, Save the Date Cards, Seating Plans, Menus, Name Cards, Serviette Rings and Glass Decorations for both Weddings and Theme Party Events.

I remember the Beginning Years of the VivaShe Creative Journey with Great fondness! I discovered the magic of working with different paper and crafting materials, creating special effects for themes, learning how to use colour combinations in event settings and finding my love for extreme details while exploring the Wonderful World Of Creation!

VivaShe Party Masks

Towards the end of 2007 I reached a tremendous expansion point and directed my Creative Focus at developing the Original Range of VivaShe Party Masks. After a request for 750 masks for a large Corporate Launch Event, and not finding enough imported masks to re-decorate, the solution came in the form of a successful experiment creating a brand new type of mould that would allow us to vacuum-form recycled plastic sheets into a flexible, lightweight and extremely comfortable brand new type of mask. The possibilities were endless  and I created over 30 000 unique handcrafted masks through the years for Masquerade Theme Events, VIP’s and Product Launches, Retails Shops, Photoshoots, Music Videos, Stage Productions and Runways, New Years Parties and anybody who embraced the idea of ‘Pretend & Play’ with an Exotic and Flamboyant VivaShe Party Mask! 

Romantic Red Venetian Masquerade Masks

Whether you are hosting a Classic Valentines Ball, attending an Extravagant Burlesque Theme Masquerade or dressing up for a Vintage Circus Steampunk Style Carnival Party, a Red Venetian Mask will draw the eyes and attention to you!

It is the perfect Costume Accessory to add Flair & Drama to any outfit with hints of Elegant Seduction & Sensual Romance.

VivaShe Ocean Odyssey Carnival Party Masks

Filled with Endless Design Elements, Textures, Patterns & Extravagant Colour Combinations, any Ocean or Underwater Theme lends itself to exquisite Creative Design options and the capacity for extensive Crafting Details. 

Combining the Wonderful Underwater World with the Spectacular Mysteries of an Odyssey Adventure became the Inspiration behind these Carnival Masks.


The VivaShe Gallery

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*All items listed on The VivaShe Gallery page are samples of previous artworks and projects designed, created and manufactured by VivaShe between 2005 – 2020.

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The Artist

“I’m going to make everything around me Beautiful – that will be my Life!”

Standing at his appointed place, the trunk of the tree, he does nothing other than gather and pass on what comes to him from the depths. He neither serves nor rules – he transmits. His position is humble. And the beauty at the crown is not his own. He is merely a channel.

– The role of the Artist, by P. Klee –

“Motivated by a need for Creative Fulfillment, it is my Passion to brighten the world with colours, textures & paints by creating WoW-moments in all shapes and forms – to inspire & teach others to craft and to share my creative knowledge!”