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A World of Colours

Whimsical White

White has it all.
It’s Beauty is absolute…

Shades of Silver

Grey has no agenda, it
makes the invisible visible…

Boundless Black

Without Black, no
colour has any depth…

Beige Blends

Beige symbolizes Neutral
Simplicity and Trusted Comfort

Glowing Gold

Gold is liquid Sunshine, it
does not fear the Furnace…

Bohemian Brown

Brown is Earthy, Wholesome
and Comfortable…

Yes Yellow

Yellow is persistent.. like
Sunshine & Gleaming Stars..

Orange Oasis

Orange is the
Happiest Colour!

Radical Red

Red demands Attention! It is
loaded with Action!

Green Galore

Green is the Prime Colour
of the World…

Blue Bliss

Blue is Endless, it is
Beyond Dimensions…

Perfect Purple

Purple does not manipulate,
it Influences…

Pretty Pink

Pink isn’t just a colour,
it’s an Attitude!