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The Colour Beige

“The colour of cream, literally meaning ‘an anointing’ (from Greek)…”

On its own, Beige is a calm, neutral background with a bit of the warmth of brown and the crisp coolness of white. It is traditionally seen as a conservative colour, originating from a woolen fabric that was left in its original state. Beige and Cream is also associated with the natural and original and includes neutral colours such as Mushroom, Sand & Camel. In most cases, it takes on some of the attributes from the colours it accompanies.

The colour of cream, literally meaning ‘an anointing’ (from Greek), has always been associated with people of worth, in monetary terms, the creme de la creme due to the wealth, grandeur and richness of ivory, pearls, linen and silk – originally some of the most valuable items in trading.

Beige is defined by the texture and pattern of material, decor and accessories you use. This gives a good indication of other colours to use and whether your function is formal or more down-to-earth

Beige Blends

Beige symbolizes Neutral Simplicity and Trusted Comfort

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Combine Beige with purple and pink, with a hint of gold for a conservative, elegant and feminine look. For a more earthy look, combine beige with different shades of green, brown and orange, the basic background colours for themes such as Mexican and Wild West Themes.