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The Colour Blue

Blue draws us Closer.. it is filled with Space. The Wonder it conjures leaves us Wanting more!

Because of its relations to vast natural elements like water and the sky, blue is a constant colour in our lives, creating feelings of tranquility & inspiration and is often oriented toward spirituality. As collective colour of the spirit, blue invokes rest and can cause the body to produce chemicals that are calming.

Blue often relates to feelings of sadness & misery. In Greek mythology, blue was related to rain or storms, believed to have come from the god Zeus when he was sad and cried (rain) or storms when he was angry.

Blue symbolizes sacredness & spiritual protection to ancient Egyptians, immortality to the ancient Chinese, truth & harmony to the Druids and supreme Wisdom in India. Blue is the Hebrew word for Glory, to the likeness of the Throne of God. God has given us a whole sky of blue to comfort us when we look up in search of answers.

Many believe that blue is universally the best colour as it has the most positive & fewest negative cultural associations across various cultures.

Blue Bliss

Blue is Endless, it is Beyond Dimensions…

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Did you know? Blue slows the human metabolism and is known to suppress the appetite, mainly because not much blue are edible in nature.

Blue combined with shades of green and purple, can create an Ocean Setting when used with glass, water and mirrors. An electric pairing for blue would be with yellow as the sunflower against a blue sky or bright yellow stars against a night sky. Create a Royal or Medieval Setting by adding pewter, candlelight and richly textured materials. Rich, darker shades of brown (wood) accentuates blue tones and warms it up. Balance the amount of coldness in a blue by matching colours with equally warm undertones.