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The Colour Red

“Red catches Attention! It quickens the Heartbeat and makes the Blood Rush… in some form or another, it Arouses the Mind!”

Red has the strongest reaction on the human eye and has more personal associations than any other colour. As in nature, it is a colour that lures some, and is a warning to others. Most of all, it makes you look & think twice.

Red also generally announces the readiness of a fruit and is therefor associated with fertility…The Cherry in a Cocktail, Strawberries and Cream, or the warm scent and flavour of baking apples… not surprizing then that Red is often said to stimulate the appetite.

It is the Chinese colour of Luck & Happiness, used in celebrations symbolizing the hope of prosperity. Red is also the Indian colour for Marriage, associated with fertility and sexuality in Marriage. Red is the true colour of heat, passion, beauty and most of all… Love!

Did you Know? Red is the first colour you lose sight of at twilight. The name of Adam, the first man, translates to ‘red clay’ or ‘alive’ in Hebrew.

Radical Red

Red demands Attention! It is loaded with Action!

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Red has forever been associated with dining rooms and places with an element of theatre & display, where the intention of the host was to generate excitement & show off wealth. Red can be used like a spice, to enhance and focus attention to a particular element or object. Keep in mind, the depth or brightness of Red would depend mainly on the lighting (eg. candle- or daylight), and should be taken into consideration when choosing complimentary colours and shades.