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The Colour White

“White is the light, the primary element by which we understand and influence the unknown… “

It is through white light that we fill the black with objects of colour. 

It is often asked… is White really a colour? White light is a mix of wavelengths. It does not favour any wavelength, it simply reflects all the light equally.

White is elegant and classy, crisp and clean. It enlarges a space and gives definition, clarity and form to objects. In design, white is seen through the light that shines on it. Sunlight, Firelight and Candlelight adds warm romantic tones to white, while Moonlight, Starlight and Fluorescent Light gives it more of a sparkling, cool, icy shine. Always think of the light when using white, and match other colours accordingly.

Symbolically, White is sacred and often represents the divine from which we originated. Angels are depicted in stories and paintings as clothed in white, often surrounded by white light, ultimately making white the colour of good intent, purity, truth & virtue… it whispers with innocence and shines in refined grace.

Whimsical White

White has it all. It’s Beauty is absolute…

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The Colour White is said to aid mental clarity, evoking the purification of thoughts which enables fresh beginnings.

Did you know? ..the ancient Greeks wore white to bed at night to ensure pleasant dreams!