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The Colour Yellow

“Yellow lights our existence. It illuminates!”

Yellow is psychologically the happiest colour on the visible spectrum… It is a cheerful colour that signifies happiness and joy, a breath of optimism and energy that stimulates the nervous system and lifts our spirits. Yellow stimulates our mind to focus and think more clearly, and is very helpful where concentration is required. Shades of Golden Yellow carry the promise of a positive future. It is also known to encourage communication as it is naturally associated with friendliness and positive feelings.

The Sun was worshiped by Man in many cultures for ages, as the radiant yellow light of the Sun personified divine wisdom and signified enlightenment.

The citrus colours, flavours & scent of lemon & lime have the freshness of Early Summer. On the lighter side of yellow, use with colourful flowers and butterflies, add a few droplets of clear glass beads and exquisite tissue serviettes for a blooming Spring Table setting. Yellow naturally goes well with Green(plants), Brown(earth) and Blue(sky). Because of its brightness, Yellow is also the most fatiguing colour on the eye and is best used sparingly as a companion to other colours.

Yes Yellow

Yellow is persistent.. like Sunshine & Gleaming Stars..

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Yellow lights our existence. It illuminates, clearing the shadows of uncertainty. The quality of light can make an important difference to the way in which Yellow is perceived. Late afternoon light with its warm tones lend a special richness to colours combined with yellow. Use bright yellow to create a sense of excitement where red would be too dark and orange too strong. Lemon yellow with orange creates a healthy, summer citrus theme. Very pale yellows work well as neutrals alongside darker and richer colours. Yellow, in different shades, are ideal for earthy, natural, sophisticated and psychedelic combinations.

Yellow is one of the warm colours and provides a hot background for a Mexican Fiesta Theme as it accentuates and blends with the heat of the famous chilies and the desert. It is the Sunshine in Hawaii, with Cocktails in Pineapples and Banana Desserts. Yellow brightens any space or experience!