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The Colour Green

“Green is in natural abundance, one of the prime colours of the world, earth’s classical element.”

Green is the most restful colour to the eye, the perfect background colour in nature. Between joyful yellow and somber blue, Green is neutral and creates balance & harmony. Because our daily surroundings are filled with green plants, trees and grass, the eye discerns more shades of green than any other colour. Shades of Green can reduce fatigue and help us to tolerate pain.

As opposition to Red, its complimentary colour, Green represents safety. With yellow on the one side, and blue on the other, Green ranges from lime to turquoise with a perfect blend between colours of the Sea, and in endless shades, tones and textures found in Forests, Gardens and Food.

Green fields and Jade stones, the Luck of the Irish, the evergreens of Christmas, the wealth and dollar in Vegas, Palm trees in Hawaii… Green is found everywhere, and is the safest colour to use in any setting!

Even when used in bright colour combinations, Green creates a balance, and neutralizes the eye before focusing on the next colour, almost like a visual sorbet. The combination of different green textures, shades and tones add detail to your general theme, style and overall setting. Green can have a natural, environmental feel, or can be elegant and sophisticated with beige & gold. Green combined with Gold is seen as presenting the fading away of youth, and creates a sense of wisdom and maturity.

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