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The Colour Brown

“a Down-to-Earth, unpretentious, wholesome colour… associated with all things natural and organic…”

Brown is a rich, dependable colour that suggests stability, tradition and natural style.

Even though brown is often perceived as a peasant or poor colour, it can be transformed with exotic accessories in rich colours or in strong contrast to other shades of brown.

Brown is the colour of the desert around Vegas, the background for Cowboys and Indians and is found in natural, retro and especially African Design.

Just the idea of Brown Chocolate, Coffee, the scent of cinnamon and nutmeg in a bakery, Caramel, Butterscotch and Toffee… makes Brown comforting, with feelings of richness, substance and reality.

Brown is a colour that exudes sophistication, genuiness and an earthy richness. Textures and Patterns extend the scope of earthy tones as they are mostly used in traditional and tribal ancestory and includes many natural decorative elements like wood, stone, soil, claypots and naturally compliments shades of green

Bohemian Brown

Brown is Earthy, Wholesome and Comfortable…

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Earth Tones should be used in moderation with lighter colours such as ivory, mushroom and champagne. Match brown to other colours by looking at their original combinations in nature.