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The Colour Black

“Presented by the absence of Light, the Colour Black is clothed in Mystery…”

It lures us into an unknown space, which can be scary for some, and a challenge to others. It evokes curiosity, brings the unknown closer, it hides, and accentuates. We want to know its secrets, yet we fear what may be revealed.

As by night’s darkness we dream, black is the initial space for any creation in the mind, as other aspects of the brain shed light on certain elements.

Through the ages, black has been described as a colour of Drama, Sophistication, Formality, Elegance and Wealth. It can be sexy and mysterious, evoking a sense of potential and possibility. It adds depth, strength and definition to any space and puts things into perspective with shadows casting a reality onto all objects.

Black represents all that is unknown to us, the universe, time and space, the human mind and soul, death and the bad or evil.

Boundless Black

Without Black, no colour has any depth…

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Black, like other dark colours, can make a room appear to shrink in size. Black hides what we don’t want exposed and accentuates highlighted colours and objects. Use the colour black to convey elegance, sophistication, or perhaps a touch of mystery. The brighter the combination, the more Drama. Make a table disappear with a black tablecloth for Halloween with ‘floating’ decorations in purple or orange, or use black feathers and luxurious textiles for a sexy, smart setting. Black also blends well with natural earthy tones for a sophisticated African Setting.