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The Colour Gold

“Gold elevates and enlivens as Wondrously as the sun Illuminates…”

All that is gold does not glitter, not all those that wander are lost.. -Tolkien.

From the most ancient times, Gold has been connected to religion and spirituality, especially associated with the Sun and is seen as the best material and colour to decorate religious imagery, as seen in, on and around temples and places of worship around the World.

The golden crown of the King in Medieval Times, symbolized the eternal light of heaven shining upon him as divinely inspired authority.

Gold was also believed to have Mystical Properties, and some even believed that something so beautiful, rare and valuable had to be beneficial for ones health, thus used in the form of flakes, dust or gold leaf as decoration for food, drinks and desserts.

Great human achievements are frequently rewarded with gold in the form of statues, medals and accolades.

Glowing Gold

Gold is liquid Sunshine, it does not fear the Furnace…

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Magnificent pieces of Egyptian jewelry were set in gold almost 3000 BC. The Bible speaks of the Golden Calf, and the Alchemist invented the concept of artificial Gold, which all lead to the mystical extremities associated with this dense, soft, and shiny metal.

Gold elevates and enlivens as wondrously as the sun illuminates. It can be bright and cheerful, or it can be used to create an authentic, rich and decorative setting, creating a strong traditional and religious aura. Gold is precious and should be used as such in a formal setting. Where too much Gold can look cheap for one setting, there can never be enough of it for a Vegas, Oscars or Egyptian Theme. Whether it is used for decorative embellishments, treasures or accolades, gold brings brilliance, prestige and glamour to any setting.