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The Colour Purple

Purple is the colour for the Adventurous Heart with Spiritual leanings and a Flair for Drama…

Purple is the balance between fire red and water blue and usually takes on the characteristics of its undertone.

In Ancient Medieval Time, purple was the most expensive colour to produce and was associated with supreme power and therefore became the colour of Royalty and Nobility. Wearing or selling purple items were punishable by death in the time of Nero, the Roman Emperor.

Purple has a sacred place in nature. Lavender is one of the most ancient ingredients used for perfume and is said to reduce stress. With its unique olfactory quality, flowers can awaken feelings of intense euphoria and is considered precious. Lavender is also the colour of femininity, the grown up pink, creating feelings of Nostalgia and Romance.

Use the colour Lavender to suggest something unique or extremely special but without the deeper mystery of purple.

Perfect Purple

Purple does not manipulate, it Influences…

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Combined with pink, lilac has a feminine appeal, with minty green, a soft but cheerful, springtime look. For a contemporary earthy palette try lavender with beige and light browns or add a splash of gold and candles for a feminine classy antique look. Deep or bright purples suggest riches and is popularly used formally for Medieval Themes or with green, gold and black for a striking Mardi Gras Theme.

The History of Purple

The Chemistry of Tyrian Purple